A Set of Lines

Wrap-around cover and llustrations for the novel by S.D. Stewart, an oblique tale fragmented memory and fraying identity under the strained conditions of a very late Anthropocene. Published in Spring 2020.

Details at Ghost Paper Archives. Available via Blurb and Quimby's.
Last night I drew all night. I copied the images from the textbook and then I drew them again freehand—I made them move on the page, lengthened the lines and darkened the centers.

The tree, the river, the old textbook—a triptych with shifting borders hangs in a place where dreams and memories intertwine. Omission and loss haunt those who live here, suspended as they are in an endless struggle to connect. Contracting and expanding as it progresses, the narrative of their existence ever-circles around a shrouded core.

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