FILMP 160 Week 1, January 29
Tracey Moffatt in the field.
Welcome to FILMP160 Lab!
Hi. I'm Nate. You can find this page and all future weeks of lab at my site:
Today's agenda:

-Get set up with Peter Jackson
-FILMP160 Syllabus
-Artist Statements
-Watch a few films
Artist Statements

Artist/filmmakers discussing their work:
John Akomfrah in "London"
Abstract Animation with Jodie Mack
Apichatpong Weerasethakul: I Escape Into the Movies

On the other hand: This is a bio.
A few examples of artist statements 1 2 3 4 5
Do's and dont's. Artist statements and why they mostly suck. More tips.

An artist statement is simply your own first-person description of what you do and why. Talk about materials, methods, and motivations. It should give an idea of the work you create to someone who has never seen it, and deeper insight to those already familiar with it.
Class screenings:

Nice Coloured Girls (Tracey Moffatt, 1987)
Hotaru (William Laboury, 2016) (Further reading: notes on the production)

For next lab, Monday, February 5:

  • Write your artist statement.
  • Please take a moment to fill out this survey. This will help me get to know you better.
  • Buy a portable hard drive for the class. SanDisk used to be great but had a recall on their drives last year, so try Samsung (1TB or 500GB) or Crucial (2TB)
  • If you have your own computer, you can get a free copy of Adobe Creative Cloud through the Adobe Site with with your Hunter login: your email address
  • Buy, rent, or get photocopies of the textbook & read for next class (check syllabus). You can buy copies on on Abebooks or Amazon.
  • Watch movies!
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