Week 2, February 5
Rainer Werner Fassbinder on set.
This Week: Camera Basics
Welcome back.

First, be sure to send me your Artist Statements, if you have not already. I set Blackboard to accept them until 6pm today.
Set up your hard drive. It's useful to pick a folder structure now and to stick to it to stay organized.

1. It's usually helpful to set up folders from General>Specific
ex: Hunter>2023>FILMP160>Camera Demo
2. Organize by date
ex: 20230905_CAMERA-DEMO or 2023_09_05_CAMERA DEMO
3. Never forget to eject before unplugging.
Shooting considerations:

The Exposure Triangle 1 2
Aperture, ISO & Shutter Speed
Exposure Triangle Simulator

Camera information
CANON M50 Quick Start Guide + CANON User Manual (and a tutorial)
SONY A3000 Quick Start Guide + SONY User Manual

To test out the cameras, here's a Camera Exercise

1. 3 10-second shots of a location you find interesting.
2. 3 shots of one subject at 3 different focal lengths.
3. A shot where the subject moves while the camera is still.
4. A shot where the camera moves to follow a moving subject.

Extra guides to your camera settings:
Canon M50 Checklist
Sony A3000 Checklist
Things to think about. Composition. Framing. Shots.

10 Types of Camera Shots
Classic Shot Types
Types of shot
The Rule of Thirds
Project #1: Define a Place

Thursday, February 22: Shoot your film.
February 26 & 28: Edit.
March 4: Project 1 is due before class.
A few films about Place:

Geographies of Solitude (Jacquelyn Mills, 2022)
Altiplano (Malena Szlam, 2018)
Managed Retreat (Nathan Kensinger, 2018)
This Is an Address (Sasha Wortzl, 2020)
From Source to Poem (Rosa Barba, 2017)
Visions of a Island (Sky Hopinka, 2016)
Victory over the Sun (Michael Robinson, 2007)
Pine Barrens (Nancy Holt, 1975)
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