Week 3, February 22
Agnes Varda filming her first feature.
This Week: Project #1 - Define a Place
Michael Robinson, Victory Over the Sun, 2007
Giorgio de Chirico, Mystery and Melancholy of a Street, 1914
Miyoko Ito, Mandarin, or the Red Empress, 1977
But first: Perspective
What is Perspective in Art?
1-Point Perspective in film
Is 2-Point Perspective more interesting?
Unstable perspective in Maya Deren's Meshes of the Afternoon.
One Point Perspective in Wes Anderson's Asteroid City.
Two Point Perspective in Alfonso Cuaron's Children of Men
Ed Ruscha
Consider your shots. Which perspective is best for your goals? Symmetrical or asymmetrical? Flat or deep focus? Wide views or close-up details? Is a high or low angle preferable? Is there any interesting motion taking place in the shot? How does the frame change over time? What sort of shot length will you need to get what you're interested in?

Plan for your edit: What will the arc or progression be? What shots might be needed to link your ideas together?
Waiting Space, Carin Leong, 2023.
Project #1: Define a Place

Before you shoot
  • Go through your camera's quick-start guide (CANON or SONY)
  • Format your card
  • Check battery life (Should have 2-3 bars)
  • Manually control your settings (ISO, aperture, shutter speed)
  • Have fun! Try stuff!

After you shoot

Continuing timeline:
February 26 & 28: Edit.
March 4: Project 1 is due before class.
If needed, here's a quick Exposure Triangle Refresh
And a handy Exposure Triangle Simulator
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