Week 4, October 2
Spike Lee at the Steenbeck film editing table.
This Week: Video Editing
What is editing in film & video?

6 Ways to Edit Any Scene
Editors and editing in Man with a Movie Camera
Edited By

Our Class Manual
Unusual editing in Place Portraits

Dylan Hausthor: A Walk
Malena Szlam: Altiplano
Scott Barley: Hinterlands
Editing in Adobe Premiere

Hot keys / keyboard shortcuts
LinkedIn Learning (free w/ library card -- apply for a card)

Brooklyn Public Library
New York Public Library
Queens Public Library

LinkedIn classes:
A little more technical: Premiere Pro 2022 Essential Training
A little less technical: Premiere Pro for the Non-Professional
If you're already experienced with Premiere and need a refresher, or to see the "standard" ways of doing things: Premiere Pro for Self-Taught Editors

Or check tutorials on Adobe

Free media sources on the web:


-The long-running best site for free sound clips of all varieties is FreeSound.org. They ask that you sign up but it only takes a moment and costs nothing.

-The BBC also offers their enormous Sound Effects library free for non-comercial usage.

-Free Creative Commons music used to be available via WFMU's FreeMusicArchive for years but it's tragically been acquired by some corporation and is no longer free(!?). However, it looks like a lot of the original FMA material was mirrored on Archive.org here, and most entries still list their creative commons licenses at the tops of their pages:

-Lots of individual artists have allowed their music to be used freely. High profile examples in the past have been Moby and Nine Inch Nails, and I frequently see this with new producers on Bandcamp as well. Sometimes all it takes is reaching out to ask someone if you can use one of their songs in a non-commercial project.

-Kevin MacLeod has been posting free stock music online for years, you may already have heard many of these in a youtube video:


-My go-to for vintage public domain film and stock footage is The Prelinger Archive.

-Pexels has a huge archive of free-to-use modern stock video.

-Photo-sharing site Flickr can be a great place to locate still images that are free to use under various Creative Commons Licenses (you can select Creative Commons type in any search), including completely public domain.

-For instance, The Library of Congress has uploaded 40,000 photos from their collections.

Sites like FreeSound.org and Archive.org use Creative Commons licenses, which are like more permissive copyrights customized by the creator. There are many kinds of Creative Commons license. Only CC0 is fully Public Domain, and most commonly used are CC BY, which is free to use if you credit the source, are CC NC, which is free for non-commercial use.
If you would like to edit outside of class time, there are free hours when the lab will be available most days:
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