Week 5, February 28
Thelma Schoonmaker at the editing desk.

This Week: Editing part II
Editing Project 1: Define a Space continued...

-Keep editing.
-Export and upload your finished film.

"Just use ProRes when you're editing or maybe h264 if you're gonna upload it to the internet."
Film Finishing work-flow:

1. First, either delete everything from the time line that you don't want to render, or set in and out points on the timeline (with I & O like in the Source Monitor) for the part you want in your video.

2. Export your Premiere project as a video file, from the Export tab at the top. Here is a quick guide to export settings:

-Under the Preview Window, set Range to "Source In/Out"
-Now on the left, set:
---File Name
---Location: export to your drive. I recommend making an "Exports" folder to make them easy to find.
---Preset: no need to change it.
---Format: H.264
---Basic Video Settings: By default, these match your Sequence Setting so no need to change them.

-For best web quality (optional, but good to know):
---Click "More" under video settings.
---Scroll down to bitrate settings.
---The default for Target Bitrate is 15 Mbps, change this to 20 Mbps.

(Why? Vimeo recommends 15 - 20 Mbps, why not give them max quality? But any more than that and they'll re-compress the file anyway.)

2. Upload your video to Vimeo.

3. Share your Vimeo videos

For this assignment, just put a link to your film in a text document (or PDF) and upload it to the Assignment posted on Blackboard.
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