Week 6, March 4
Boom mic shadow cameo in Andrei Tarkovsky's The Mirror.
This Week: Audio Portraits
First: Listening

Soundwalks (inspirations):
Her Long Black Hair (Janet Cardiff, 2004)
Cairns (Gelsey Bell, 2020)
Third Angle Soundwalks

(Ernst Karel, 2015)
Icarus (Cesar Pesquera, 2015)
Project 2: Audio Portrait
(Due: Lab 9, March 25)

You will create a 2-3 minute audio piece from an interview with a classmate.

-Before next lab, conduct a pre-interview. Work with a partner. Talk and discover what stories/subjects in their lives might be interesting in a more formal interview.

-Come up with a set of interview questions.

-Pay attention to the flow of the conversation, be ready to go into greater depth or shift when an interesting lead appears.

-But sometimes an unexpected question can create interesting results.

-Don't cut or move on too soon. Sometimes the best part of the interview comes only after an unbroken pause for reflection.

-Plan your approach ahead. Know wether you're going to keep your voice and questions in or not and plan accordingly. If you will not be heard, be sure the interviewee repeats the questions in their answers

-Find a quiet place to record. Watch out for echoing spaces, or loud air flow systems.

-Remember to get background sound and "room tone", which will help you greatly in the editing process.

-Record for around 15 minutes for the final 2 - 3 minute piece.

More tips for preparing an interview
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