Week 7, March 11
Sound designer Walter Murch at the mixing board.
This Week: Audio Portraits II
First: Take the Midterm.

Today: The Zoom H2n, recording your interviews, and Audio Editing in Premiere

Zoom H2N Handy Recorder Manual
Video tutorials for the Zoom H2N: 1 2
Don't let your levels peak: This is what bad sound sounds like.
Sound Films

Hacked Circuit
(Deborah Stratman, 2014)
Berberian Sound Studio (Peter Strickland, 2012)

Topology of Sirens (Jonathan Davies, 2021)

The Tuba Thieves (Alison O'Daniel, 2023)
And another clip from The Tuba Thieves.
Audio Portraits.

–Record your interview for Audio Portrait of a Person (Due November 6)
–Take 40-50 minutes
–Download your .wav files from SD card to your Hard Drive
–Return 30 min before class ends for Premiere Pro Audio Editing Demo (more next week)
Due next lab: Written Assignment #2: What I Hear
Bonus: Experiments in optical sound:

Pen Point Percussion
(Norman McLaren, 1951)
And a resulting film: Dots (Norman McLaren, 1940)
Other examples: 1 2
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