Week 8, March 18
Delia Derbyshire at the BBC Radiophonic Workshop
This Week: Audio Portraits III
-Due Friday March 22: Written Assignment #2, What I Hear
-Your edited Audio Portrait of a Person is due before next lab (March 25).
-Upload your finished piece to Soundcloud and submit the link through Blackboard. (How do I upload to Soundcloud?)
-Be ready to present it to the class for feedback, and to give feedback to others. This is an important part of the process, please be here for it.
-Today: More Audio Editing.
Building a Soundscape:

Falling, from Inventions for Radio: The Dreams (Delia Derbyshire & Barry Bermange, 1964)
Kits Beach Soundwalk (Hildegard Westerkamp, 1989)
On audio descriptions and creative captioning:

The Tuba Thieves (Alison O'Daniel, 2023)
And another clip from The Tuba Thieves.
Sound as onomatopoeic typography in the work of Yuichi Yokoyama.
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