Week 11, April 8
Kevin Jerome Everson's Polly One.
This Week: Continuity Project II

-Assign Editing Analysis
-Discuss and workshop Continuity Project storyboards
-Plan out your shoot and all the necessary logistics so you can make the most of your time next class!
-Extra Credit opportunity: Camera review workshop 6-7pm today!
Due Friday April 19: Written Assignment #3, Edit Analysis

-Select one scene from a film of your choosing
-How does the editing in this scene work?
-Identify editing strategies and analyze how each shot works with those before and after it
-Is this using the tools of continuity editing? Does it break any rules? Does it it use eyeline matches, cutting on action, POV shots, or jump cuts?
-How does all of this serve the intent of the scene?
-No to summarize the plot, I just want to know about the editing.
-As usual, this should be around 250 words, submitted on Blackboard.
-If you used a film clip you found online, include the link.
Project 3: Continuity Project

Lab 12, April 15: Shoot your films in class
(Written assignment #3: Editing Analysis is due Friday April 19)
Lab 13, May 6: Editing and last "pick-up" shots if needed
Lab 14, May 13: Project 3 due.
Camera information to get set up / plan any special shots.
SONY A3000 Quick Start Guide + SONY User Manual
CANON M50 Quick Start Guide + CANON User Manual
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