Virtual Capitalism &
Art in Web 3.0
NFT Fever: Is it Time for a Great Refusal 2.0?

-Ben Davis explores what is actually pictured in Beeple's Everydays.
-Hito Steyerl is cybersquatting in NFTS for RCA and MoMA.
-"Monetized Graphics": Kevin McCoy and Anil Dash, Quantum, 2014.
-Kim Parker analyzes how much money artists are actually making on NFTs.
-Memo Akten's The Unreasonable Ecological Cost of #CryptoArt. (and another analysis)
Holly+ (Holly Herndon, 2021)
Plantoid (Primavera De Filippi, 2016)
Terra0 (Paul Seidler, Paul Kolling, and Max Hampshire, 2016)
Two Degrees (terra0, 2021)
Mosaic Virus (Anna Ridler, 2019)
NFT Mine Offsets (Simon Denny, 2021)
Bittercoin (Martin Nadal, 2016)
Clickmine (Sarah Friend, 2017)
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